Why International Business Experience is Important

Monday, November 10, 2014 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi

These days, big business (and even some non-big business) is done across several countries, and if you want to compete in a competitive workforce, international experience is a highly valuable skill to have. Gaining international experience used to be difficult, but recently it has become a very attainable goal. International experience sets you apart. It provides you with experiences that you simply could not get from only working in one country.

More Companies are Global Companies

Several years ago everything could basically be done in one place, or at least one country. That’s not the case anymore. Most manufacturing is done in Asia or South America. Many companies have offices around the world. These offices have to communicate well with each other. While technology has made this easier, it is still a challenge. Someone with experience dealing with these challenges is going to be extremely important to the company they’re working for.

Culturally Diverse Workspaces

Even if the company you’re working for doesn’t do any business in a different country, there is still probably at least one person working in the organization that has come from somewhere else in the world. Having international experience will allow you to communicate and connect with this person. International experiences teach people how to be culturally accepting and realize that business is not always conducted in the same way in different areas of the world.

International experience also provides people with the skills and know-how to get the job done when they are working on a project or closing a deal in a different place. If a company sends you somewhere for work, they expect you to deliver. They don’t want you to waste all your time figuring out how to function in a strange and new place.

More Opportunities

Companies doing business in several countries are always looking for people with connections or experiences in different places. Those people allow for greater growth opportunities for the company they’re working for. They might have a connection in a certain area of the world, or just have some insider knowledge about a new place of business. When a business branches out they need people who have experience working with or in their new location.

Better Employees

Because of globalization, employees have to know how to react when they are put into situations with people from different countries. International business experience helps them do this. Someone with international business experience is a better, more well-rounded employee. They are the employees that companies need and want to hire.

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