Three Traits That Every Good Leader Possesses

Monday, August 29, 2016 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi

At AKPsi, our goal it to equip our brothers and alumni to be the best leaders they can be. Being a truly great leader in the business world can often be difficult, especially when you’re on a clear path to success. What’s important to remember, however, is that while there are some traits that every leader possesses, there are others that only good leaders will posses. Let’s look at three big things that every truly great leader is.

They are Authentic
There’s no way around it: a good leader will possess an unwavering sense of authenticity. In everything they do, they stay true to themselves and their personal values. Many professionals in the business world feel tempted to put forth a façade of excellence and perfection instead of their true self. In reality, every business or team needs a humble, authentic leader that can own up to their flaws, admit their faults, and be willing to learn from their team members. Part of authenticity is having a large amount of self-awareness.

They are Inspiring
A great leader is inspiring to those they work with. Being inspiring takes more than just being optimistic or critical. As a leader, you should seek to inspire others in their work. Many leaders and bosses tend to fall onto the idea that if they aren’t constantly critiquing their workers then they aren’t providing value. In reality, this kind of thinking can often be diminishing, especially if work is performance based. Instead of providing negative feedback, consider how you can elevate how you educate and inspire your team to put their best feet forward.

They are Principled
Humility, integrity, discipline—these are just a few of the nearly countless principles that a good leader holds close to them. When you let these principles guide you, you can count on being a great leader for your coworkers. Living by them will change the way you speak with your team, changing the “I” to the “we.” Principles are what keep us grounded, and by setting up an sense of accountability among you team can help you keep those principles front of mind daily.

Being authentic, inspiring, and principled are all things that good leaders do, but those aren’t the only things. What are some other key leadership elements that any great leader should possess? Let us know in the comments section below!

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