The Modern Power Wardrobe

Monday, August 24, 2015 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi

Dressing to impress is no longer the absolute go-to phrase when picking out the best outfit from the closet before heading in to the office. With modern office cultural shifts, we’re seeing a lot of different things happening across the world when it comes to how professionals are dressing and decorating. Just a few years ago, we would have written a post about the modern day power suit, but today, we’re looking more at how to configure a personal work wardrobe full of variety with less focus on a go-to style. In fact, we’re talking about ditching the power suit and rigging up the modern day power wardrobe for your personal success.

You Still Have to Impress
Of course, success is always going to depend on the line of work you’re in. If you’re a young professional in a business setting, you might have some ground rules when it comes to how you dress. Your employer might need you to meet certain requirements. Or maybe you’re in a more relaxed environment, and the most important times are when clients are around. Either way, tradition may still apply depending on your occupation. Everyone should invest in a couple nice dress outfits that they can always go to when they need to be extremely professional.

Dress Down, Boost Productivity
Other than the highly professional moments, it’s important to understand what kinds of clothing you’ll work the best in. Most office temperatures are set at just above freezing, so it makes sense that wearing a full suit could be somewhat comfortable. But all the primped and pressed lines, tight collar and necktie, and dress shoes don’t really add to physical comfort when you’re trying to be productive. When it’s okay to dress down, do so. In fact, keep a section of your professional wardrobe dedicated to slightly more casual attire that you can wear to be more comfortable. Of course, you should at least set standards for yourself in not wearing anything too casual. The more you dress down, the more relaxed you’ll feel—and when you’re too relaxed, you might risk losing your productive state of mind completely.

Mixing It Up
When you buy a lot of button-ups or professional clothing, think about the colors that you are bringing into your wardrobe and try to match all clothing. Browns, blacks, and greys are all a great go-to, because they’ll match with most colors. Consider keeping a nice suit or dress in a few basic colors. For women, statement dresses that require little accessorizing can be both comfortable and extremely professional. Buy belts and shoes in colors that compliment your basics. . This way, you can continue to use the same belts and shoes while mixing up the button-ups, slacks, jeans, and skirts you wear. The key to the modern power wardrobe is finding appropriate clothes that represent you and accent your personality, not make you look just like everyone else.

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