Office Spring Cleaning

Monday, March 26, 2018 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi

While the sunny days of spring may be a welcomed source of joy, those beaming rays also shed light on the cluttered mess of winter. You start to notice the inch of dust on the windowsill, or the piles of unused coupons by your front door and make the decision that it’s time to dig into a little spring cleaning. But what about your office? With an even smaller space than your home, you’d be amazed at how much junk can accumulate in your drawers and around your desk. So, while you’ve got the spirit to tidy up in general, here are some tips for spring cleaning around your office.

Make a List

Chores like cleaning can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when you haven’t got a clue where to begin. An easy way to get started without simply choosing a random corner to start cleaning is to make a detailed list of all you’d like to accomplish. Spend some time checking out the “curb appeal” of your workspace and make note of what needs sprucing up. Try to be as specific as possible, too; your list will be a lot more helpful if it says “Throw out all receipts, go through green folder to see what stays” as opposed to “Throw away trash.”

Would You Notice if It Was Gone?

We all can have some hoarding tendencies from time to time, and it’s easy to attach some sense of emotional significance to even the smallest of items. You look at that note your office mates left you and it makes you smile, or you look at the Zen garden you forgot to unbox and think maybe one day you’ll put it together. But the fact is that if you haven’t thought about any of these items in some time, you probably won’t miss them once they’re gone. If you find yourself saying “Oh, I totally forgot I had this,” it’s time to pitch it.

Remember to Recycle

Offices are a place where papers tend to pile up. Whether it’s a memo, some notes you jotted down during a meeting, or some HR documentation, there’s a good chance a lot of your “throw away” pile will be in the form of these unneeded scraps. With that in mind, it’s always nice to consider the environment when junking a ton of trash. Instead of dumping it all into a garbage bag, take time to separate out what can be recycled, such as paper, plastic, or aluminum.

Sanitizing: It’s For Your Health

Once you’ve cleared off the rubbish from your desk top, grab a bottle of sanitizer or bleach and wipe down that desk. With the winter seasons fading, cold and flu germs are likely still floating around your office. Additionally, it’s probably been some time since you’ve had a chance to wipe it clean. Before you do, though, make sure that the cleaner you’re using isn’t harmful to the surface material, otherwise you may end up damaging your office space further.

Clean Out Your Inbox and Desktop

Now that you’ve got a spotless desk, it’s time to turn your attention to your computer. It’s so easy to let emails pile up, especially at an office; with memos and interdepartmental discussions being done over email, those chains tend to get stacked up with replies. The same goes for those spam email lists you keep telling yourself you’ll unsubscribe from – it’s time to purge! Once you’ve finished emptying that inbox, remember to look at your computer’s desktop. You may have unneeded files saved there, such as old financial reports or Word docs that have long since been backed up. You can clear a lot of clutter by simply taking an hour or so to remove that buildup from your computer.

Spring cleaning is a time for simplifying and reducing waste. While we typically think of the house, the office can be just as messy and full of junk. Though it may feel like a monumental task, the fact is that by making a list, getting rid of all unneeded items, and keeping an eye out for small places that collect a lot of clutter, you’ll be spring-ready in no time. Have any other tips or ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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