Making the Most of Summer Vacation 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi



Summer is for sun and surfing and spending time for friends, but when you’re in college, summer is also a huge window of time to get your ducks in a row. It’s never too early to start interning, volunteering, or saving money, but many wait til graduation’s shadow looms in the foreground to start planning for their future. It may seem now that summer break is still a long ways away, but starting to plan now is essential if you want time to find the right opportunity. Make the most of the upcoming summer with these strategies.


Finding a Solid Internship

Finding an internships is not the most fun or easiest process, but can be made easier with a few simple steps. First, make a list of your goals. It’s helpful to take a look at job listings in the field you plan to pursue upon graduating. What kind of things are employers hoping to find in their employees, and can you gain any of those useful skills in the twelve weeks you usually spend with sand in your hair or on a sofa playing the latest Zelda game? From there, you’ll want to find a few keywords to search in databases likeCollege Board,Idealist,, and It never hurts to leverage the Alpha Kappa Psi alumni network for opportunities, either.


Volunteering for Your Future

If you can’t find the experience you need in an internship, or don’t think interning is for you, volunteering is easy and doesn’t have to take you far from home. A few hours spent working with senior citizens in a retirement community, serving at a soup kitchen, or playing basketball with teens at the Boys and Girls Club are both lines on your resume and worthy uses of your time. Another option you might consider: similar to finding an internship lead, look again at those job listings that interest you. What valuable experience do you see missing from the job description? What unique values can you cultivate in a volunteer setting? Volunteering in your local community is an excellent method to help you stand out in the crowd of applicants. Employers will see your commitment to the infrastructure around you and will know the drive it takes to pursue these kinds of opportunities.


Summer Employment to Save Money

Prefer to prioritize financial preparedness? Summer employment for students is a huge industry--and it doesn’t have to be eighties movie cliches like mowing lawns and delivering pizzas. By using resources in your community like counselors, professors, and colleagues, you can get recommendations, advice, or even a job itself. There are also online tools like the FlexJobs database or, to help you sort through remote and telecommuting offerings. Other options include classic summer work: camp jobs (look for positions like program coordinator or educator) and tour guide work, as well as temp work in offices, event planning, catering, seasonal customer service, call centers, or any other short term position to help build your best resume while you earn money.


Don’t forget to relax, too--it is summer, after all. Are you looking for student interns, or do you have a summer job opening up at your place of business? Post it in the comments below to share with the growing AKPsi community.

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