Is Your Performance Oscar Worthy?

Monday, February 22, 2016 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi

With the Oscars very near, the ceremony has us thinking about the correlation between acting and any other career. While it’s not the same as acting, working in the business world requires a top-notch act in order to climb the ladder. Becoming the best possible businessperson means putting forth an Oscar worthy performance. If you’re wondering how you can become an Oscar-winning employee, check out these tips!

Dedicating Yourself to the Role
Dedication isn’t just about loyalty and commitment; it’s devoting yourself to your company’s cause and applying yourself to your work as much as possible. Dedicated individuals are always recognized, and that recognition can carry you far in your business.

Taking Time and Learning Your Lines
Dedication isn’t complete with hard work. Putting in the hours early will give you a boost later on. Put your best power suit on and get to work. Your company expects your best, and while you’re on the clock, you should give just that. But putting forth your best sometimes means working extra in order to impress your leaders.

The ‘It’ Factor
Possessing the ‘It’ factor starts with recognizing that you can make the best of yourself each and every day by applying yourself to your work. Being on time, honest, and dedicated to your core values and strengths will get you far. Of course, part of having the ‘It’ factor is having the right amount of alchemy with your position and the company you work for. If it’s not a good fit, the ‘It’ factor won’t shine through. Don’t limit yourself. Instead, be the best you can be and let that ‘It’ factor shine by finding the best kind of company and position for you.

Character Acting
Sometimes, you have to take a cue from others in order to be the best in your role. Are there other people in your office that you can learn from? Someone who has a particularly strong work ethic, or someone who’s been in your role for a lot longer than you have? Don’t be afraid to pick up their good habits.

Landing the Role of a Lifetime
In the end, it’s all about producing the right results. Of course, knowing what it takes to get those results requires practice and experience. Constantly learning how to better yourself and build your knowledge and capabilities will further your value.

It’s equally important to recognize your downfalls, admit to them, and then actively work on them. Showing that you can understand where you fall short and that you’re giving it your all to get better at them will show your leaders that you’re willing to do what it takes to get the right results.

Being a class-act employee isn’t always easy, but if you understand how you can put your best foot forward and turn your everyday performance into an Oscar-worthy one, you’ll do just fine in your career!


What are some ways you work to provide an award-winning performance in your day-to-day? Let us know in the comments below, or on LinkedIn! 

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