How to Take a Working Vacation

Monday, May 22, 2017 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi



The idea of a working vacation might be an oxymoron to some, but learning to take a successful working vacation is a skill it might be in your best interest to master, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. If you do it well, you can get your work done while still making plenty of time for sun and fun. And, since it’s the summer, here are a few tips to accomplish just that


1. Set a schedule that actually works for you.
When trying to accomplish work on vacation, you’ll have to figure out your ideal schedule. To do this, start by asking yourself when your most productive hours are. For most, getting work done in the morning will make the most sense. If you finish your daily work by 10am to noon, you have the rest of the day to relax and recharge. The knowledge that you’ll get back to work the next morning allows you to set boundaries, which is another important part of creating a schedule. When you’re on vacation, set hours of availability and make those known in your out of office email. For example, “I’m out of the office currently but will still be reachable from 9am to 11am weekdays.”

2. Have a point person or people
If your relaxation is prevented because you’re thinking about everything piling up back at the office, find a person or persons to help balance the workload for you. If you have a secretary or personal assistant, they’ll be keeping you on track. If you’re part of a team, try to find a person with an upcoming vacation and offer to trade off duties as possible and needed. Either way, don't be afraid to ask for support from the team so you can get the rest you need and come back firing on all cylinders.

3. Don’t forget to let go.
Just because your vacation is 50% work and 50% adventure doesn’t mean it must only be 50% fun. When working, try to maximize the locations of your “office.” Work on the beach or from the deck of a tropical garden. Take time to absorb and appreciate your new surroundings as you dive into your tasks for the day. Also, remember, it’s ok to quit working to go do what you want to do. When taking a working vacation, let your coworkers know what you intend to accomplish but make sure to give yourself permission to reduce that list from normal commitments. You are responsible for cultivating the way your coworkers or superiors view your time spent out of the office, so letting them know what you won’t get done is just as important. On the flipside, you’ll also need to manage the expectations of your travel companions. Be clear with them about the schedule you’ve set for yourself. In the best-case scenario, they can also help keep you accountable.


Ever take a working vacation? Have tips or tricks to make it successful? Share in the comments below!

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