Finding the Right Job Online

Monday, February 27, 2017 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi

Finding job opportunities online should be as simple as putting keywords into Google, but it’s far more complicated. If you’re currently job hunting online, these tips should help make the task less challenging.

1.     Read Between the Lines

First, any online job seeker needs to be aware of the very real risk of scammers. These scams take all kinds of forms. Some pose as recruiters who contact you via email, even using company logos and names that are totally legitimate. Others create fake LinkedIn profiles and post their jobs to social media or other job boards. One key thing to remember is that no employer ever truly needs your financial information. If a job requires you to provide your Social Security Number to apply (often for a “pre-employment credit check”) you are probably falling victim to a scam. Other red flags include typos and odd sentence structures, or a salary that seems way too high for the listed responsibilities.

2.     Look Beyond Your Zip Code

The right job for you probably exists, but it might not exist within the city limits of where you live right now. Commuting to nearby cities and towns for employment doesn’t need to be outside the realm of possibility. Having flexibility on where you work can open the door to many more opportunities that you might miss out on if you define your area limits too narrowly.

3.     Know What You’re Looking For

Part of finding the right job online means knowing what the right job looks like for you. Do you want great benefits, a telecommuting option, a large team of coworkers, or leadership responsibilities right out the gate? You might not be able to get everything on your wish list from one job, but the more you know about what your dream job looks like, the easier it will be to recognize it then it comes across your screen.

4.     Research Employers, Not Jobs

If there’s a company in your area you know you’d love to work for, try to connect with someone there, even if they aren’t hiring. Having a foot in the door when new positions do open can mean you hear about them before anyone else. It also means having someone within the company there to vouch for you and recommend you for the position.

Finding the right job has never been easy, and the Internet makes some parts simpler and others more complicated. We wish you the best of luck in your search, and don’t forget to call on your Alpha Kappa Psi network for support, advice, and connections.

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