Benefits of Hiring Recent Graduates

Monday, March 5, 2018 | Posted by: Alpha Kappa Psi

Graduation is only a few months away and soon-to-be-graduates are on the hunt for entry-level positions. Despite articles criticizing young graduates for perceived qualities like laziness or unpreparedness, the opposite is actually true. Academic success requires commitment and the ability to meet deadlines all the while managing a hectic schedule. This goes double for the 14 million college students who also have a job. Clearly, it takes a lot of drive to graduate, but there are many benefits of hiring recent grads and here is the shortlist demonstrating the best.

 Craving for Knowledge

After years of schooling, grads are ready for the next step in their career. Most are fully aware of the learning curve that comes with the transition from school to the workplace. At this point, they have participated in many challenging courses they have had to adapt their learning style to fit. Their minds have spent years practicing the art of learning and searching for growth opportunities.

Fresh Perspectives in the Workplace

Recent grads have been studying the newest information in their field and come to a new position with little previous experience. This gives you the opportunity to show them your company’s essence while also learning from their fresh eyes. This leads to innovation and rethinking practices within the workplace that may be unnecessary or inefficient.

Educational Assortment

Obtaining a degree doesn’t mean that the graduate has studied only their field of interest. Many degree programs require electives and general education credits. Students will often use these courses as an opportunity to explore subjects that personally interest them or boost their marketability. Some even find a way to do both. For example, some business majors may take a coding class to prepare for analyst positions – combining their interests in business with computer science. When you hire a recent grad, you aren’t only gaining a person with up-to-date knowledge of the field you can also find students who participated in student organizations or held on-campus jobs. These experiences add to the variety they offer and are a testament to their drive and balancing ability.

Comfortable with Challenge

A big challenge in college is coming to grips with the unknown. Some students may be familiar with their major. But they’re at college to learn and that means taking courses over unfamiliar subjects. Each semester brings a new schedule so not only are they prepared to be challenged, they’re prepared to be challenged on a regular basis. Aside from courses, new schedules can also mean a different job or a new internship for a student needing flexibility. Responsibilities for a new position can be unpredictable so traits like adaptability can go far in any field.

Recent grads come with passion and perseverance that can hard to find in those already familiar with the workforce (unless they're one of our Alpha Kappa Psi brothers, of course). Experience is an important trait, but don’t overlook the power of fresh perspective. What have you found to be the best benefit of working with those just out of school? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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